August 6, 2014

house meets pinterest: master bath

Oh, Pinterest, what did we ever do without you?

Long before buying a home was ever in the picture, I'd started a few boards dedicated to ideas I liked for our future home. Those few years of pinning here and there have now come in handy as we try to make this house home and deal with the dilemma that is storage in the city.

I must say, we're quite fortunate. We are only the third owners of our house (built in 1920), thus it is a miracle that things are updated as much as they are. We have recess lighting, and updated kitchen, and plenty of amenties including a couple closets that aren't original while still keeping the home's historic integrity (the brick wall and wood floors, anyone?).

Oh, but the last owner who was awesome enough to have done those updates? He was a man. How do I know? Besides the obvious fact that he sold us the house, there's the matter of the bathrooms. Only a man could tolerate such bathrooms. No counters, no cabinet space, just the minimal basics. Ugh.

Sean and I had agreed that this room would be the one that we shell the big bucks out for later to refurbish. The room is kind of weird and there's nothing I want more than a soaking tub. At least that's what I thought at the time. Things have changed.

I want storage!

Look to the left of the picure and you see an empty space at the end of the tub. We've been in the house three weeks now and there are still fully packed moving boxes in that space. I wash my face, do my makeup, and put it all back in the box. Eww. We need a solution.

Back to Pinterest. And the dismay of finding that all those pins I once thought so clever did me no good as they were for bathrooms with counters and cabinets. Except one:


Thank God. The blogger this pin came from still had the post up which told me exactly where those little gems came from, so off to IKEA we went in search for the BEKVÄM spice rack to-be-turned bathroom storage. Two and a half hours after entering, we emerged victorious with my $15 worth of newfound sanity.

A coat of paint, a few screws and mason jars later and I finally had some space. What do you think?
(by the way, we didn't paint the bathroom as we plan on the aforementioned overhaul. Don't judge us on the walls)

Four wide mouth mason jars - not bad for a little spice rack!

The Arbonne shelf - in case anyone doubted how much I love the stuff!

It's  a start!

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