July 11, 2013

super lazy eats: tomato sandwiches

This recipe, if you can even call it one, is proof that I was meant to be vegetarian before I even knew the word. You may have already seen me gushing over these on instagram.

My dad plants a small vegetable garden each year: radishes, cucumbers, corn, and tomatoes. Oh, the tomatoes. From a very young age, those tomatoes turned into tomato sandwiches. The easiest, yummiest summer lunch ever!

I ate them for days while recovering from surgery and had them for lunch four days in a row this week (I'd probably still be eating them, but I ran out of tomatoes)! Some people hear me talk about them and think I'm insane. They've never heard of such a thing. Others make my heart happy when they tell me they share my love of tomato sandwiches. Hopefully if you're the former type, I can turn you into the latter type.

If you're a tomato hater, well...your loss. :(

Tomato Sandwiches

1 tomato typically yields 2 sandwiches

You Will Need:

Tomato: 1 (don't even bother making these if the tomato is from the grocery store. Gardens/farmer's markets only! I eat these only in the summertime for a reason.)
Bread: 4 slices 
Mayonnaise: 2 tbsp. 
Sea salt: to taste 


Toast the bread lightly. You want it slightly firm to avoid sogginess.
Slice the tomato
Spread mayonnaise on each slice of bread
Cover 2 slices of bread with tomatoes and season with salt/pepper as desired
Top off with other slice of bread and enjoy!

Doesn't get much easier (or tastier) than this! Of course, there are a gazillion ways to jazz this up, but I love a fresh, juicy tomato and the yummy simplicity of this version.

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