July 27, 2013

cara box: nautical edition

I promised myself that I would take a break from the Cara Box for awhile after the June exchange was done. I have no time, I told myself, or money for that matter...

Cara Box

Then miss Kaitlyn had to go and announce the best theme of all time..."Sail Away with Me."

aka nautical things
aka my most favorite motif.

Our bathroom is covered in beach/tropical decor, the house as a whole decorated with colors that transition from casual in the fall to beachy in the spring. I won't even mention how much of our closet is occupied with navy blue!

Yeah, I had to participate. I'm so glad I did. I was assigned to send a box to Andi, and assigned to send to me was Chelsee. This is my fifth box, but the first time I knew one of my partners. It was so much fun! I think Chelsee and I exchanged 30 e-mails the first day. It's been great getting to know her better this month.

I had visions of blue and green dancing in my head, but Andi likes a different color palate. I went a different direction than I thought I would, but overall I chose nautical-esque products I thought she would enjoy. Check out her post to see what I included!

Chelsee worked her butt of trying to get things just right. Poor thing ordered an item that shipped late, then got lost in the mail...nightmare central for her! It was fun for me as I ended up getting multiple packages at the end of a week that had left me stressed out. What a great pick-me-up!

With the awesomeness of this box, I would have happily waited another month. Here's what she picked out:

This ADORABLE custom koozie. Honestly, she could have stopped here and I would have been thrilled.
You don't even know how hard it is to find a case for my phone let alone a cute one. Jackpot!
The obligatory note(s) of encouragement plus a cute tumbler & some beauty essentials (she is Southern BEAUTY guide, after all!).

Beach towel, beach read, beachy frame, & the tumbler again!

and some sea salt spray. Been wanting to try this awhile!

Not bad, eh? I may have to quit while I'm ahead. This box ridiculously spoiled me!

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