July 16, 2013

a week of fun

Yesterday was completely nuts, so I've scrapped the whole day and will just pretend the week starts today.

Shortly after my surgery was scheduled, I received jury duty summons. Not for my county, but for my state. Yay. Not for a week, but every Monday for the entire month of July. Double yay. Oh, and my first reporting day was the day I was to return to work from my surgical recovery time. Super yay!

I didn't have to go that far! via

Yes, its my civic duty, and yes, there are some spiffy trials out there...but the bottom line is, there are a gazillion factors that made July the worst possible month ever for this to happen. I responded to the summons and mentioned I had a medical reason with a doctors note as to why I couldn't serve. Request denied. Ugh.

I had a note from my doctor saying I would be recovering for 2-3 weeks (for the record, we are coming up on 4 weeks Thursday and I still have some pain and cannot hear, though the vertigo and nastier symptoms are mostly gone), so I figured I would just show up and present the note and hopefully be done with it.

But then...first Monday in July...duty postponed. Second Monday in July...duty postponed. Finally, yesterday, with a note now null and void, I was told I had to report. I brought all my paperwork anyway and submitted it, mentioning they could call my doctor and that the still relevant issue is the fact that my hearing is literally half absent.

1 hour plus of traffic, 3 hours of waiting, two blisters, and $29 in parking fees later, they finally told me I could go...for the day. I'm still waiting for a judge to decide whether my excuse will let me off for the month, postpone me til later, or tell me to serve the rest of my duty anyway.

See? Fun!

I know this is the most riveting blog material any of you have ever read...so I'll switch gears to something that really is fun...


We are house/petsitting all week for three crazy fluffballs! Not a shabby deal at all.

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